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What’s The Difference?

The idea of having online and hybrid courses is a somewhat new concept, and because of this it is important to clarify the differences between the two.

Online Courses

An online class takes place solely on the computer.  You have an instructor, but you never actually meet in the classroom face-to-face.  However, because you don’t mean face-to-face does not mean that the instructor does not play the same role he or she would in a regular classroom atmosphere.  You still submit your assignments to them (via your class module) and you can still ask them questions and voice your concerns. Though there is no classroom setting, the instructor is still in charge, just as they would be if you were physically attending their classes.  Online classes are best for students who already have busy schedules outside of the classroom.  You can easily fit coursework, lectures, and discussions into your schedule in such a way that it works best for your personal needs.

Marketing Management (BUS305) and Seminar: Critical Issues in Business (BUS410) are two online summer classes available for registration.

Hybrid Courses

A hybrid course still includes the online portion, but half of it involves an actual classroom setting.  At the College of Westchester, your online instructor for your hybrid course is also the instructor you will meet in person.  If you can commit to attending classes on campus for a portion of your course and you would like to have the experience of a real classroom setting, then hybrid courses are a great way to get the best of both worlds.  You get the convenience of an online course and the face-to-face experience of a traditional class.

Managerial Accounting (ACC320) and Advanced Finance (BUS340) are two hyrid summer courses available for registration.

At the College of Westchester, here’s no reason you can’t try out both hybrid, online, and traditional courses.  You can easily find out what sort of class you like the best.  Hybrid and online courses start July 24th, and it’s not too late to register!  See our previous post for more registration and class information.


Now more than ever, students are using their lighter summer schedules as an opportunity to catch up on their  class coursework and requirements.  Though going to class doesn’t exactly scream “summer vacation,” The College of Westchester is working to make summer classes more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.  This summer, starting July 24th, we are offering four classes that are either all online or hybrid (see previous post on online and hybrid courses).  Even though these classes aren’t exactly a “day at the beach,” they will certainly fit easily enough into your schedule to make plenty of time for some summer fun!  Here’s what we have in store for you:

Hybrid Courses:

Managerial Accounting (ACC320)

Managerial Accounting introduces students to topics such as standard cost systems, budgeting, cost volume profit relationships, and breakeven analysis. Students solve real-life business problems by learning how to use spreadsheets and quantitative methods. Focusing on applying situations to modern day manufacturing plants and other enterprises, students how accounting is relevant in today’s business world.

Advanced Finance (BUS340)

Advanced Finance examines the fundamentals of investment analysis and portfolio management. This class extensively focuses on the following topics:

  • investment concepts
  • global capital markets
  • functioning of securities markets
  • security market indicators
  • information sources for securities
  • portfolio management theories
  • capital market theory, analysis, and valuation of securities
  • bond fundamentals and valuations.

There is also rigorous reading for financial reports for markets and corporations, with discussion of the following:

  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • International diversification
  • Basic derivatives
  • Puts
  • Calls
  • Limited commodity futures
  • Financial futures

Online Courses:

Marketing Management (BUS305)

Students are introduced to the skills needed in planning, organizing, operating, and controlling a business firm’s total marketing program. The class has an emphasis on skills necessary for sound marketing management decisions in product development, pricing, demand creation, and channel activities. Using a global perspective, students participate in experiential exercises and case studies that help to develop skills in evaluation, diagnosis, and formulation of marketing strategies.

Seminar: Critical Issues in Business (BUS410)

In this seminar course, students discuss and analyze the current issues affecting national and global business. Students learn how to develop their awareness and discover the importance of being “in the know.” Students participate by selecting, strategically analyzing, and discussing a current major topic.  By conducting research and engaging in discussion, students improve their articulation skills  and gain knowledge of the business world.

If you are interested in hearing more about the summer online courses, please contact Tony Peluso in admissions:

Tony Peluso

(914) 831-0200