Online Division News
Mary Beth, Online Division
The ink is drying on our contract with new LMS Vendor Moodlerooms.  Keep posted for more information regarding trainings and professional development for faculty.  We are compiling our student services “Frequently Asked Questions” survey and will share soon.
Optimal Resume is a new service that JoAnn  and Career Services will pilot beginning in January 2011.  Students and grads will have the opportunity for online support as they develop resumes and cover letters. They will learn interviewing tips and opt for mock interviews with real people online.  Students can pick the questions they want to be asked so they can become stronger in the interviewing process, and interviewers will ask those questions.  There will also be a job bank that students can search, in addition to the comprehensive services now offered by CW Career Services.
Library News
Monecia, Director of the Library
Almost 2 dozen CW staff and faculty took a look at NetLibrary functionality.  Just to be clear, e-books and audio books in the NetLibrary trial database do not represent individual books or sets of books we plan to acquire. The trial is designed for testing the functionality of the service and features of the system.  Weigh in and let Monecia know what you think.
We’re extending the trial and want to share new access information below.
You can use NetLibrary with non-trial e-books. NetLibrary offers nearly 150,000 PDF titles that are compatible with increasingly popular eBook readers, including:
·         Nook from Barnes & Noble
·         Sony Digital Readers (PRS-300, 505, 600, 700 and 900)
·         COOL-ER
Q2. CAN MORE THAN ONE USER BORROW AN E-BOOK AT A TIME. Yes!  2 people can borrow 1 e-book at the same time.
Finance, Financial Aid, HR and Compliance Workgroup
Marie, team lead
The team with the IT staff has been evaluating the CampusVue database for the delivery of online programs but, in particular, this work group has been focusing on the compliance aspect as it relates to federal and state funding guidelines.   In conjunction with this, the team has begun to identify needed custom reports and one of those custom reports have already been created for use by the Financial Aid Department!  The team with the Student Servicing work group and IT staff continues to evaluate third-party servicing vendors and we expect that very shortly a decision will be made.
Teaching & Learning Workgroup
Lorraine, team lead
Phase 1 of the Project Syllabus Launch was held in October.  Conversations with Instructional Designers are being held with chairs of the General Education, Business, and Office Technologies Departments to discuss consistency within syllabi, module learning and outcomes for the creation of universal syllabi.
Ruth, Sheryl, Pat, Paul, Mary Beth and I attended the Webinar “Helping Faculty Manage Online Workload” in October.  The webinar discussed specific strategies and best practices to help faculty manage their online teaching workload; specifically the commitment faculty would need as opposed to face-to-face instruction.  Topics included: course development, balancing instructional activities, teaching strategies, classroom management, communication and institutional strategies.
First Year Experience/Retention Workgroup
Richard,  team lead
After several rounds of presentations and interviews, the College has identified an LMS vendor, and has made a recommendation to the president and cabinet. The Online Division and IT are collaborating on a training program for faculty and interested staff that combines live overview courses, online tutoring, and personal tutoring. The FYE/Retention team is now getting ready to start developing the first year experience courses in consultation with the teaching and learning team.
Student Services Workgroup
Maria G, team lead
We are currently in the process of reviewing 3rd party vendors that will assist us with maintaining our stellar customer services.  As we provide online courses; we will want to be available 24/7; therefore, we are in the process of creating what our tier systems should look like and how we will best be there to respond to our students’ needs and/or questions as they arise.  We have also started to map out what our current orientation, registration and at risk procedures are so that we can now start to draft how we can mirror these services to our online students as well.
Admissions/Marketing Workgroup
Craig, team lead
The Admissions group has been working diligently to coordinate the completion of the Admissions Suite renovation and to establish plans and resources needed for the development of the Online admissions team.  The projected date of completion for the Admissions Suite is December 2 – sooner than initially expected!  In addition, the Campus Cruiser based admissions training program and accompanying resources are close to being rolled out.  This includes a variety of content and exercises aimed at sharpening the knowledge and skills of CW staff recruiting for all programs, including Online.   The Talisma project is in full swing as well, with plans being developed in anticipation for a two week planning session happening in December here at the campus.  We’re making significant progress toward building a solid foundation for our current and future efforts!