The Online Division has reached many milestones throughout 2010, as well as ambitious goals for 2011, some of which are outlined in Karen’s The President’s Corner article in the January CW Review.  In addition, LMS Moodle transition has begun with the help of Kelly, Tracia and the IIT group and Richard of the Online Division.
Working collaboratively with Monecia and the Library team has been Media Resources’ Dawn, in order to begin building the online reference librarian chat function entitled “Ask A Librarian” which will be a very exciting addition to the CW Library.
Nancy and the Media Resources team have been working with Richard in order to develop the right branding, color scheme for our Moodle pages.  In addition, Nancy has been working with web contractor Jessica Perilla Design, JPD Studio, on creating our online division website, as well as Facebook, blog and student portal.  For those of you who do not know, Jessica Perilla is also a CW graduate!  Also assisting Nancy with web development and Richard with course development is Online Associate Melina.
Teaching & Learning Team  – submitted by team lead Lorraine
The Teaching & Learning Group has been busy registering for courses to prepare for teaching online.  During the month of December, Paula attended an online course from Equal Access to Software & Information (EASI) – Train the Trainer. This course will help prepare faculty to teach online courses using current technology as well as assist potential students with disabilities. Also in December, Sheryl registered for a course entitled, Quality Matters Training (Applying the QM Rubric/Peer Review Certificate) which she will be completing in the next few weeks.
In other areas, progress has been made concerning the Online BBA Internship; students will be required to complete an in-person internship. The preliminary Faculty Guidebook and Best Practices document has been developed and will be submitted within the proposal to NYSED as well as the Substantive Change document to MSCHE.
The First Year Experience and Retention – submitted by team lead Richard
The First Year Experience and Retention team is beginning work on the Moodle transition, set to begin in Feb. 2011 and complete in Sept. 2011. Beginning the first week of January 2011, a team of faculty, including three of the chairs, will begin developing course materials for four of the first-year courses.
Administration and Compliance – submitted by team lead Marie
The Finance, FA, HR and Compliance workgroup has a new name:  Administration and Compliance.  Individual members have been very busy working on different aspects of this workgroup umbrella:  Dianne has focused time on writing information for the future Financial Aid webpage which will be a part of the online website being created by the Media Resources department.  Nellie as CW’s Veterans Affair certifier has partnered with Dianne to provide information for the Veterans section of the webpage.  Ethan is absorbed in the development of the CampusVue online database which Kelly Walsh had more fully noted in his December CW Review article.  Marie continues to meet with various college staff to focus on documents and forms and the individual role these documents and forms play in the college’s processes.  Michele Sandman is beginning to review her operation to assess needs and possible changes or questions as it relates to online processing.   Nancy P. is helping to refine Online Division budget projections.  Jessica anticipates beginning to review and make recommendations for hiring of online adjunct faculty.  We expect that this workgroup will begin to focus on this project some time in 2011.
Student Services Workgroup – submitted by team lead Maria
The Student Services Workgroup are in the process of mapping out what our current add/drop process is so that we can start to draft out how we should mirror this for our online students.  In addition, a process flowchart is being developed which will outline how E-Reserves will be used by our professors and our students.  We will be working with the First Year Experience group to begin to finalize what orientation, registration and at-risk definition and outreach will look like for our online students.  We feel that the connection of these two groups will further assist with providing our students with stellar customer service and the continued personal touch that embodies the CW Way.
Admissions and Marketing Workgroup – submitted by Craig, team lead
Stop by the Communications Center which continues to house CW admissions associates and staff, and is the future home of CW Admissions Online Division.
In addition, Talisma planning activities continue as we lead up to the modified date of January 31 for our two long week implementation planning engagement.   The Talisma team is in the process of developing detailed plans to even further maximize the level of service offered to prospective students throughout the time leading up to their enrollment.  Lastly, at this time, training materials for admissions counselors and associates continue in development for the online division.
Applying Project Management Essentials: BBA student involvement with planning OL Faculty Development & Training
Submitted by Ruth, Dean of Instructional Design & Faculty Development, Online Division
If you have ever taken or taught an online course, you know that success, in terms of delivery and learning outcomes, depends on commitment and collaboration among faculty and students. This has been validated by results of the student and faculty needs assessment surveys we conducted during Spring 2010, as well as by recent research and follow-up interviews, conducted over the past two months by BBA student Lorecia.
When Lorecia approached me at the beginning of the Fall semester, the idea of her working on an Online Division related project was novel.  However, this was an opportunity for me to get firsthand knowledge about the internship experience through the lens of the project manager, as well as the student. It was important to consult first with the OL Division team, as well as BBA Internship course instructors/facilitators, Leslie, Sheryl, and Erica.  Once we decided that Lorecia’s involvement with OL faculty development and training fit the criteria of a viable project (with a distinct beginning and end point), I set out to ensure that she had a number of opportunities to demonstrate all she had learned during the Project Management Essentials course.
At the time of this article, Lorecia has completed 103 hours of the required 114 internship hours. She has definitely applied the concepts introduced in her Project Management Essentials course. For the past two months, as she worked on the planning phase of the project, she has interviewed faculty, analyzed data, and researched best practices of online instruction at other colleges. Her final written report still needs to be finalized, however, during our last weekly debriefing, she was amazed by the amount of work required to plan faculty development.
Prior to beginning the research for her project, she had a number of assumptions, and through her lens as a student, she also had a number of recommendations. One area that she believes is key to student success (for web-enabled, hybrid, and online classes) is consistency in the look and feel of content presented in LMS.
I am looking forward to her final report, which will document her findings and recommendations in terms of best practices. It will be interesting to see how much her views have changed as a result of her involvement with this project. I look forward to reading her lessons learned document, as well as reviewing her classmates’ responses to her blogs documenting about her internship experience.
Lorecia would have been unable to complete this project alone and therefore it is important to acknowledge her mentors and fellow students Ja-Juan and Esperanza.  She also consulted with her former Project Management instructor, Paula and James M., her current instructor for the Writing Technical Documents course.