Online Division
Our workgroups have continued results-based focus on means within their responsibilities.  Thanks to so many of you who continue your devoted assistance to our online program development.
Library activities have moved out from under the Teaching and Learning, and will now housed within the existing Library Advisory Committee.  Monecia will serve as team lead, as she is already head of the Library Advisory Committee which includes members Gary, Alexa, Jim M., Chris P. and Joseph.  (Chris and Joe rotate on this committee).  Monecia and Mary Beth will outline goals for this group to help support the online division, which will include staffing of online resource library services, research training and access in the online environment and copyright compliance, among other needs.
Faculty and students may now access Moodle LMS Helpdesk 24-7 via third-party provider.  This helpdesk service will provide support and direction as users sign on to Moodle and access classes.  Our intrepid, talented CW Helpdesk team will handle more difficult issues that arise.  In addition, students and faculty continued to have access to Moodle training sessions in the classroom, through web conferences and asynchronous training sessions, to guarantee an easy transition from Blackboard.  Faculty champions are already working with instructional designers as they create our first Moodle LMS courses.  Faculty focus groups are planned to help us further hone the functionality that faculty find most important for themselves and their students.  A full transition from Blackboard to Moodle will take place by September, 2011.
Online Student Services Team
Our big focus now is to set up all the proper processes of developing a comprehensive orientation experience for online students in order to insure a smooth and seamless transition into CW Online Division courses and programs.  We are also finalizing the top Q&A’s for online students that we feel will assist with quick responses online and then submit it for final approval to the online team.
Marketing and Admissions Workgroup
The past several weeks have been busy and productive for the admissions group.  We have been hard at work developing the plans for our Talisma CRM.  During a two week meeting with Talisma corporate staff, we spent long days planning how we will configure this system to meet the specific and very detailed needs of our college that will result in an enhanced experience for our prospective students and applicants.
Our next steps will be to move forward with the implementation process, setting plans into motion with the creation of the system we plan to roll out for use with online students June 1.  It has been a collaborative and productive time for our group and we are working tirelessly to create a system that creates efficiency and effectiveness for our admissions teams to utilize and our prospective students to benefit from greatly.
FYE Team!
The FYE Team is getting busier. Right now the team is working on the first set of First Year Experience courses (BUS103, GEN125, GEN127, and OFT122), piloting Moodle with instructors in the Saturday Spring I term, and preparing for a brainstorming meeting on first-year retention strategies for online students. In March, the team will be finalizing technology requirements and working on ensuring the online division considers universal design and accessibility in its course planning, and later this spring we will launch work on the additional first-year experience courses.
Administration and Compliance
·         Members are currently reviewing Program Integrity issues to ensure that the Online Division is in sync with all the new requirements that will be coming down the pike starting July 1, 2011, with special attention to State Authorizations and its impact to offering online programs in the future.
·         Coming out of a two-week engagement with the CampusVue Consultant, the Online Division Campus Location has been added to the CampusVue database, with key configuration items setup for Admissions, Academics and Financial Aid.
·         We are also writing current processes including scripts when meeting with ground prospective students and then we begin evaluating effectively how to transfer these processes to the online division.
Teaching & Learning Team
The Internship model for E/S BBA & Online Division BBA has been established.  Students will be involved in one of three options: on-the-job internship, internship at CW, or internship through the Volunteer Center which can link with Project Management with personal volunteer interests.
Since January Department Chairs have been meeting weekly reviewing course assessments, course projects, etc., for the Online Division syllabi for courses: Basis of Math, English Com I and English Com II, Intro to Business, and Office Applications for Word & PowerPoint.  The group’s goal is to create a syllabus allowing an online professor to utilize while teaching the online course with expectations of similar objectives, learning goals, and outcome assessments similar to taking an on ground course at CW.
Gary and Lorraine reviewed “Atomic Learning” which is an online software training video tutorial and technology integration resource designed for universities and college campus students.   This tool offers access to a complete training library of about 200 show-and-tell video training tutorials on the most common software application programs. It would allow students in technology course to experience auditory and visual demonstrations on accomplishing Microsoft Office projects.   Gary and Lorraine have received a free 2-week trial version.