Online courses can be a fantastic opportunity to further your education, learn new skills and meet new people. Like anything, there are various pros and cons to consider when deciding whether online learning is for you.


  • You can set your own schedule
  • Ability to work from anywhere—one of our instructors actually taught a course while over in Italy!
  • No commute to and from campus.
  • No travel costs or parking fees.
  • You can set your own hours.
  • Classes usually focus on student response and interaction rather than on professor-led lecture.
  • For those more comfortable with written over verbal communication it may be perfect.
  • You can work with students from all different backgrounds all over the country.


  • Technological issues can set you back—sometimes you feel like you’re at the mercy of the Internet gods
  • It can be hard to self-motivate when you don’t have to show up in person. Make sure to post your syllabus somewhere you can see it and consider setting calendar alerts on your phone or computer to remind you of upcoming assignments and exams.
  • Some people have a hard time focusing on a screen. Consider meeting up with classmates in your area to study or work on assignments, if possible.
  • You may need to wait a few hours for feedback from instructors and classmates. Time differences need to be taken into consideration.
  • You may need to brush up on your computer skills, which could be easier for some than others.

What are the most important pros and cons of online education to you?