Typical college orientation involves showing up and standing on line, but with CW’s Online Division orientation, students, go online instead.


Online orientation offers an accessible, interactive way approach that gives student immediate answers to their questions. Audio clips, photos, and other materials help anticipate what students’ concerns will be so most of those questions will have a response ready to go, no sitting in a crowded auditorium waiting to be called on. Some of the information provided includes explanations for all the major components of being a new CW Online student along with links and other resources in the community they may need. For questions not answered directly, contact information is provided so students know the appropriate person to get in touch with via email.


Another valuable thing about CW’s Online Division orientation is that it is not just a one-time event. Students can visit the orientation course any time they need to.


If you are an online student now, your success coach can help link you to orientation and point you toward the online student homepage on My CW/Campus Cruiser. The online student homepage allows you to access orientation and other items important for online student success throughout their time at CW.