Title at the college:  

Chair, General Education


Juris Doctor, Pace University School of Law

Master of Arts in Psychology, Long Island University

Professional in Human Resources, Human Resources Certification Institute

What she’s teaching this term:

Human Resources Management

Consumer Behavior from a Global Perspective

Oral Communications

Adult Development

Her philosophy on online education:  

Online learning represents a paradigm shift in higher education, generally, but also here at CW.  The traditional college student does not exist in as great numbers as he or she did even 20 years ago.  While an online degree program may be an attractive option for students who have families to raise, full time jobs, or live far from campus, with online education, often the human element is lacking.  CW has always been a student-centered college.  As an online professor, I strive to develop student-centeredness in my courses.  I make a personal investment in every course I teach.  I am active in the development of the course creating assignments, quizzes, and discussions that are engaging for the student by utilizing various sources (i.e. videos, web links) not just an assigned textbook, but beyond that, once the course is running, my goal is student connectedness.  This is achieved through thoughtful discussion threads, emails, and even individual phone calls to students.  Just as they do in face-to-face courses, students in online courses want to be noticed and recognized for their contribution.  When students are acknowledged and recognized, meaningfulness of the course, and ultimately the entire online learning experience, increases.

Where she sees the online division going in the next few years:  

I see the online division increasing in both enrollment and program offerings.  I am creating a proposal for a Paralegal degree program that I would love to see both on campus and online.