Technology has undeniably had a big impact on the way students learn today, but new research shows it may also be affecting the way brains of children born since the 1980’s are wired different than their older counterparts.

According to Dagmar Ladle, a teaching and learning consultant with Promethean Inc., which produces learning devices called Promethean boards, there’s a “measurable, structural difference between the brains of those born before and after 1980.” They add that methods that worked when the pre-1980 crowd was in school are not as effective with the post-1980 student. “Our students’ brains actually have evolved,” Ladle said. “Students that are struggling, it fills in a gap. It gets them interested.”

You can read more in this article from the Herald & Review from Decatur, Macon County and Central Illinois:

Technology changes classroom: Conference notes kids’ brains are wired differently