Last month, the Boston Globe published  a piece entitled “Findings give boost to online classes: Method effective, study concludes.” Readers wrote in to express their opinions and concerns.

One particular letter to the editor, by Marilyn Paterno, speaks to some of the misconceptions expressed by other readers about online education while also highlighting the commitment, rigor, and value of this mode of education.

For example, in response to concerns about the online experience leading to reduced engagement amongst students, she wrote, “Everyone was required to contribute … [and] there was no way to slump in the chair and avoid notice.” In essence, you cannot be passive or hide in an online class and only shine on the day of the exam or final presentation.

Whether online or face-to-face, students are expected to accomplish the same learning outcomes—the difference being the mode of delivery. They have to be active learners and be able to work autonomously, manage their time efficiently and work within set deadlines.

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