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Online Course Boom

Online education is a rapidly evolving field. This Thanksgiving, we at CW are grateful for all the people working hard to help revolutionize the way students learn. Check out this article from the Courier-Journal about the boom of online courses.


More Sandy Relief Efforts

For the past couple of weeks, I know we have all been sharing stories of our experiences during the hurricane and the Nor’easter.  We are thankful that we are all okay, and pray for those who have been touched personally with difficulty and even worse, tragedy.  Please take a moment to read the info below.  If you have a blog or twitter account, Tumblr or Facebook page, that you repost some of this information.  If you feel so inclined to forward this in an email to others, thank you in advance.

Occupy Sandy has branches in NY and NJ.  Their donation system is set up is through wedding registries on  Also, beyond just the registries, both Occupy Sandy’s are coordinating volunteers, deliveries, pantries of items throughout many community centers, transportation, etc.  It is a herculean effort that is making a difference.  Over the past couple of weeks, needs have changed.  This is another opportunity for us to help each other.

These registries, set up for needs for both the Brooklyn devastation and the NJ devastation (the only type Amazon has is a wedding registry) helps coordinate very specific items with people who might want to make a donation but do not know what is needed.  Brief description below of the registries and links.  Occupy Sandy is highly organized and have gotten supplies to many of the people who need it.

Here are links to a blog which list other donation opportunities and a summary of the Sandy materials below:

Sandy in NY

Occupy Sandy NY and Occupy Sandy’s NY Wedding Registry
Shipping Address: Occupy Sandy – Brooklyn, New York
Event Date: November 30, 2012
Couples’ Style: Warm, non-perishable
Description: Help donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy by shipping items to the Occupy Sandy relief outpost at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in Clinton Hill (520 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238). Our team: John Heggestuen, Alex Nordenson, and Katherine Dolan. We are Brooklyn residents and are in touch with the Occupy Sandy team who will receive the shipped items and organize daily deliveries to priority response areas. We are the updating the registry as we get info on what is needed most in affected areas. PLEASE pay for the most expedited shipping – these items are needed ASAP. Also, please contact Amazon after your order and ask them to reimburse you for shipping. We’ve heard this has been honored for a few people now who told them about the cause and so we encourage everyone to do it! **PLEASE help us track inventory instantaneously – send an email to letting us know what you donated. Email with any other questions/feedback on the registry and email for additional info about our team** Please follow us on Twitter for further updates: @SandyRegistry ***Here’s a link to see some of the work being done at the church: *** ***Check out how the storm hit Rockaway:*** ***If you have any issues with the “Gift Registry” saved address for the church not auto-populating please enter it manually: The Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew 520 Clinton Ave Brooklyn, New York 11238 THANK YOU!
Sandy in NJ

Occupy Sandy NJ and Occupy Sandy NJ’s Wedding Registry
Shipping Address: Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne St. – Jersey City, NJ
Event Date: October 29, 2012
Couples’ Style: All you need is love
Description: Your donations make a difference! Critical supplies support NJ residents seeking shelter, food, warmth, and human kindness in Sandy’s aftermath. For up-to-date information about how to help, visit or Items purchased will be sent to the Jersey City Sandy Recovery distribution center at Barrow Mansion, 83 Wayne St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302. If you have Amazon Prime or are able to pay for expedited shipping, prompt delivery is GREATLY appreciated. *Items may not show as purchased until they are shipped. Rest assured that they are in queue.* Feedback welcome at @SandyRegistryNJ is Leah Barton hunkered down in Houston, TX, with strong support from Heather Balliet Lee in Jersey City. Hat tip to the original @SandyRegistry in NY. Check out for additional needs. ***SATURDAY UPDATE from the terrific Barrow Mansion volunteers – We are able to deprioritize food, clothes, and toiletries now that other organizations are up and running. We still need CLEANING SUPPLIES and TOOLS FOR UPCOMING RECONSTRUCTION EFFORTS.*** 600 BOXES have been delivered to date – details at Please spread the word through your networks! THANK YOU for your incredible support!

72-Hour Supplies Drive!

CW Community,

We are very happy to announce that we, as a community of caring individuals, have completely stock piled Thomas Joseph Catering to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief and he has temporarily stop accepting food donations.  We donated over 40 lbs of pasta, 15 lbs of onions, 15 bulbs of garlic, 1,800 ounces of tomato sauce, 1,080 feet of plastic wrap, and 2,220 feet of tin foil!!!  And that was just the highlights.

Last Sunday, some friends went down to help with the food preparation (as you can see in the video) and delivered to Red Hook, Coney Island, and all over Staten Island.  Your generosity helped feed hundreds of folks that were in desperate need of a warm meal, gourmet style (TJC don’t mess around).

Many emails and phone calls continue to pour in asking how they can help so we are moving on to Phase II: Clean-Up

We are doing a 72 Hour Supplies Drive for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  It is important to note that the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa will be continuing to gather food as well as Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation if you’d like to contribute in that way.

Option One:

Bring in any supplies from the below list only by 3pm tomorrow (Thursday, 11/15/12) to the Career Center.  We have transportation that will pick up the food and supplies at 3pm on Thursday, deliver it to a station in Staten Island.  This prove to be very effective and the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn that lost everything were very grateful.

Option Two:

Call Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation in Brooklyn.  Charge whatever you’d like to your debit/credit card and leave them your name and number (We will be contacting you to let you know how you helped and who got the food your donations went towards).  Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation – (718)331 – 5911

On Sunday some of us volunteered our time to take trips to SI and BK with trays of food to help out.  The scene is getting better slowly but surely and spirits were high once again.  Thomas (the chef) was absolutely astonished at how generous we were and how far a few helping hands could go.  Thank you for making this happen.  A quote from his Facebook page to us:

“Thanks to everyone who has been donating to Thomas Joseph Catering. Your donations continue to feed those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. More details on how much has been donated to come in the next few days. Thomas Joseph Perone you rock!”

Hurricane Sandy Relief (Phase II) – Clean-Up

Please bring all supplies to Careers Services on the 3rd Floor by 3pm Thursday (Thursday, 11/15/12)


Needed Supplies

§  Cleaning Supplies

o   bleach

o   sponges

o   paper towels

o   plastic gloves

o   all-purpose cleaners

o   dish soap

§  work gloves

§  brooms and mops

§  dust pans and mop buckets

§  shovels

§  plastic tarps

§  flashlights

§  batteries (D batteries in high need)

§  LED lights

§  hammers

§  crow bars

§  baby diapers, wipes, and formula

§  Toiletries

o   toothpaste

o   tooth brushes

o   floss

o   shampoo

o   conditioner

o   soap

o   cold remedies

Online Education Grows in Popularity

Did you know that recent statistics show that there are twice as many online college students then in the 20 largest U.S. campuses? You can read the full story here at OMG Facts.

Visit the College of Westchester online to learn more about online course offerings!


Ways to Survive Online Education

This article, which has been reprinted with the permission of author Lucy Markham, explores some of the challenges online students face and how to deal with them to get the most you can out of your education.

The challenges faced by a new college student are pretty clear: how to deal with a roommate who never does the dishes, how to finish all of your homework while still getting some sleep, how to live off meals that can be cooked in a microwave, etc.

Online education has been developed for students who want something different than the on-campus, ramen-eating college life. People who take online classes face an entirely different set of challenges, but they are challenges nonetheless. Here is your survival guide for an online education:

 1. Become self-motivated.
Traditional college settings require some motivation as well (after all, you do have to get out of bed to attend class), but those students have assigned times to show up and repercussions if they are not there. Online courses are trickier because they are done on your own time. Just because you can work when it’s convenient for you doesn’t mean that you should save all of your lectures and assignments for one long, caffeine-induced all-nighter. Focus on the reason you are in school—whether it be your dream job, a promotion, or a new skillset—and get the work done.

2. Schedule your time.
To ensure that you complete work on time, plan when you will get online for class. Then commit, even when you don’t want to get up or you are exhausted from work; otherwise, you may end up spending the hours you’ve agreed to study watching YouTube videos of cats playing the piano.

3. Get a computer . . . a good one.
This should go without saying, but you need a computer to take classes online. Remember, almost everything involving your education will involve this one piece of technology, so get something you like. Laptops are great for taking your work on the go. Whatever model you choose, it helps if the computer has a good processor and a great Internet connection. Trying to upload an assignment or take a test will only become frustrating if your computer shuts down or your connection is slow.

4. Make use of your resources.
One benefit of online classes is the unique virtual platform they offer. If your school allows you to video chat with professors or work virtually with other students, take advantage of the opportunity. Some colleges and universities even have mobile apps and websites that will keep you connected wherever you are.

5. Get out!
Staring at a computer all day is never a good idea. Get a bit of the traditional college experience by going out whenever it makes sense. If you need to do research for a paper, check out some books at the local library. Even if you aren’t eating solely microwavable food, take a break from class and go for a walk. Discuss your classes with coworkers. Take your work outside. Although online education involves a lot of solo work, you can still share the experience.

Online classes are an increasingly popular alternative for those who can’t attend school on campus. The atmosphere may be different, but hard work is still required if you want a quality education. Follow these tips and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to a degree.

Lucy Markham worked as an academic and career counselor for three years while earning her B.A. in English from the University of Florida. She is currently pursuing her M.A. in Education from the University of Utah.