CW Community,

We are very happy to announce that we, as a community of caring individuals, have completely stock piled Thomas Joseph Catering to help with Hurricane Sandy Relief and he has temporarily stop accepting food donations.  We donated over 40 lbs of pasta, 15 lbs of onions, 15 bulbs of garlic, 1,800 ounces of tomato sauce, 1,080 feet of plastic wrap, and 2,220 feet of tin foil!!!  And that was just the highlights.

Last Sunday, some friends went down to help with the food preparation (as you can see in the video) and delivered to Red Hook, Coney Island, and all over Staten Island.  Your generosity helped feed hundreds of folks that were in desperate need of a warm meal, gourmet style (TJC don’t mess around).

Many emails and phone calls continue to pour in asking how they can help so we are moving on to Phase II: Clean-Up

We are doing a 72 Hour Supplies Drive for Hurricane Sandy Relief.  It is important to note that the Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa will be continuing to gather food as well as Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation if you’d like to contribute in that way.

Option One:

Bring in any supplies from the below list only by 3pm tomorrow (Thursday, 11/15/12) to the Career Center.  We have transportation that will pick up the food and supplies at 3pm on Thursday, deliver it to a station in Staten Island.  This prove to be very effective and the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn that lost everything were very grateful.

Option Two:

Call Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation in Brooklyn.  Charge whatever you’d like to your debit/credit card and leave them your name and number (We will be contacting you to let you know how you helped and who got the food your donations went towards).  Romeo Brothers Meat Corporation – (718)331 – 5911

On Sunday some of us volunteered our time to take trips to SI and BK with trays of food to help out.  The scene is getting better slowly but surely and spirits were high once again.  Thomas (the chef) was absolutely astonished at how generous we were and how far a few helping hands could go.  Thank you for making this happen.  A quote from his Facebook page to us:

“Thanks to everyone who has been donating to Thomas Joseph Catering. Your donations continue to feed those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. More details on how much has been donated to come in the next few days. Thomas Joseph Perone you rock!”

Hurricane Sandy Relief (Phase II) – Clean-Up

Please bring all supplies to Careers Services on the 3rd Floor by 3pm Thursday (Thursday, 11/15/12)


Needed Supplies

§  Cleaning Supplies

o   bleach

o   sponges

o   paper towels

o   plastic gloves

o   all-purpose cleaners

o   dish soap

§  work gloves

§  brooms and mops

§  dust pans and mop buckets

§  shovels

§  plastic tarps

§  flashlights

§  batteries (D batteries in high need)

§  LED lights

§  hammers

§  crow bars

§  baby diapers, wipes, and formula

§  Toiletries

o   toothpaste

o   tooth brushes

o   floss

o   shampoo

o   conditioner

o   soap

o   cold remedies