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Making Online Education an Option

Opportunities to pursue an education online are more abundant than ever. State and federal policy has even begun to support that growth by making it easier for students to get school credit for online courses. This article from USA Today explains.


Things Not to Put on your Resume

As you continue in your education and career, it’s important to keep your resume up-to-date, tweaking as you go to make sure you present relevant experience clearly and concisely. Some people even have several versions for different types of jobs.  Just as including the right information is key, there are also things that should be left off. This article from lists five major resume no-no’s. For example, never include your age, and hold off from listing every single job you’ve ever had—and always, always proofread.

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How to choose a reliable online college

With more and more online education options being made available, it can be overwhelming to try and pick the one for you. This helpful little list from BubbleNews offers a few tips for choosing a reliable online college.

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Advantages of an Online Education

Spring has sprung! What better time to invest in your education? There are many advantages to online education. This article from Education Connection lists 6!

  • Convenience
  • Success
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Textbook Savings
  • Versatile Degree Program

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