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Online College Courses Gaining Popularity

On May 30, NPR’s “All Things Considered” ran a segment on the growth of online education. With more and more courses becoming available, there are also lots of questions about what this means for the future of education. To read the transcript or listen to the segment, visit “All Things Considered” online.


Graduation Season

It’s that time of year when we may be watching friends and loved ones don those ridiculous caos & gowns and receive their diplomas. If you’re sitting in the crowd at graduation thinking about furthering your education, it’s never too late. As online education increase in popularity, your options are as plentiful as ever. Visit the College of Westchester online to start charting your future today!

Virtual High School Students Attend Prom

Did you go to your high school prom? With the emergence of online high school programs, milestone events may not seem possible, but last month, 30 students enrolled at the public online high school Utah Connections Academy attended the school’s first prom, held at the Utah State Capital. Though few of the students knew each other in person, they quickly became friends, bonding on their shared experience of attending courses online instead of in a traditional high school setting. 

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