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Get Schooled Again!


What do you want to do with your life? Enjoy it, right?

Get back to school and you will be done in no time. You may already know from experience that learning itself can be its own reward. So what are you waiting for – a formal invitation? Ok, well, consider this your formal invitation.
There is nothing quite like that feeling when you are working on your education and your  classes just click. Get started on it right away. The rest of your life will thank you.
If you have been away for school for some time or are taking a gap between college semesters you do not need to panic. CW counselors are prepared to help you get restarted.  Come on in or get all the info you need via phone.
Call or click:  800-704-6015,



Perhaps you’ve finished your last shift of the week. Wouldn’t it feel great to relax with a refreshing beverage and watch some bad TV? Hit the beach? Wouldn’t you be able to enjoy it so much more if you got one thing out of the way? Register early. Then get back to soaking in the sun and watching reality television stars throw over tables.

Another great thing about registering early is you will be free from an application fee until September 1st. That’s money in your pocket to do the things you love. Classes start September 10 – 23. There’s still time – CW counselors are prepared to help you register and get on with the rest of your summer. Sweet freedom!
Call or click – 800-704-6015,
Transfer days are August 17 and September 4 from 9-1 on campus, but you can call anytime to visit with a counselor via phone, then enjoy the rest of your summer!!

clear path 2In today’s economic climate, student loans can seem like the norm. However, not all loans are created equal. It’s important to look at what you’re getting yourself into. From the US News & World Report, here are 4 important questions to ask before checking off any boxes in which you agree to or accept terms you may not fully understand.

Visit the College of Westchester online to explore your financial options for a pursuing a solid education.  Help clear your path to financial success and stability.


Stay Cool This Summer with Online Education

With summer temperatures climbing, one of the last things you want to do is worry about commuting to class, especially after a long day at work. Stay cool but taking summer classes online or plan ahead for fall. Visit the College of Westchester online for more info.