Perhaps you’ve finished your last shift of the week. Wouldn’t it feel great to relax with a refreshing beverage and watch some bad TV? Hit the beach? Wouldn’t you be able to enjoy it so much more if you got one thing out of the way? Register early. Then get back to soaking in the sun and watching reality television stars throw over tables.

Another great thing about registering early is you will be free from an application fee until September 1st. That’s money in your pocket to do the things you love. Classes start September 10 – 23. There’s still time – CW counselors are prepared to help you register and get on with the rest of your summer. Sweet freedom!
Call or click – 800-704-6015,
Transfer days are August 17 and September 4 from 9-1 on campus, but you can call anytime to visit with a counselor via phone, then enjoy the rest of your summer!!