Very interesting piece about a piece of hardware/software that is not new but is probably the first truly commercially available set of glasses/computer, Google Glass.  This piece, Googling Yourself Take on a Whole New Meaning, from Sunday, September 1, 2013’s NY Times Magazine, penned by Clive Thompson, relates the not-so-enthusiastic phenomenon of a pair of glasses that can research, photograph and video others, as well as other simple functions, at this point.  A few in the story fell that it invades our privacy.  What price convenience and instant gratification?  Maybe a little privacy invasion? 

While it is not the vision of the future that the film Johnny Mnemonic showed us (chip in the back of the head to upload directly into the brain), this new bit of technology squeaks just a little more invasively into our psyche and everyday life.  It is controlled by movements of the head and audio command.

While the author says that others will not be able to relate to someone talking to themselves on the street, who remembers the first cell phone users who we thought were talking to themselves or to us as they walked by on their phone?  If Google Glass catches on, I contend that we will accept those commands much as we do cell phone usage in public; as a nuisance but accepted as part of how life is now.