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Happy New Year

From all of us at the College of Westchester—Happy New Year!

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When to take a break

The midst of the holiday season, when we’re all feeling a bit crazed, is not usually the time when we talk about taking a break. However, breaks are important—That can even include taking a breather from the job search! This article from Monster shares 3 signs it’s time to take a break from your job search.

When you’re ready to restart the hunt, the College of Westchester can help set you on your desired career path!

Leadership Traits

Whether you’re just getting started in your career or looking to further your skills, leadership skills are an important part of becoming a strong worker. This article from foodservice company Sodexo, highlights four key leadership traits you can develop now:

  • Serve as a Role Model
  • Listen and Communicate Effectively
  • Have a Postive Attitude
  • Keep Trying New Things

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Picking and Sticking to Career Goals

With a new year around the corner, chances are you’re probably thinking about your 2014 resolutions. Do you have any career goals in mind? If you do, here are some helpful tips from the folks at Monster for picking and sticking to your career goals.

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