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Meet the Brainy Bunch

Six out of ten kids in college is a big accomplishment. Not only that, the Harding family of Montgomery, Alabama can boast seven children in college by the age of twelve. In their new book The Brainy Bunch, mom Mona Lisa and dad  Kip Harding share their experience of encouraging their kids to pursue college education at young ages through the use of online courses and other flexible learning programs. The family recently appeared on the TODAY show to talk about their book and their lives.

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Best and Worst-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Ever wonder how your salary stacks up compared to other professions?

Anesthesiologist, with an average annual salary of $235,070, tops this year’s list. The rest of the Top-10 slots are occupied primarily by general and specialized physicians. Surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, OB/GYNs, and orthodontists are among the top 5 with salaries of $200,000 and up. Chief executive is in 10th place with an average annual salary of $178,400.

The worst-paying job in America is fast food cook, earning $9.07 hourly,which comes out to about $18,870 for those employed full-time, year-round.

In general, restaurant and food-service industry jobs (preparation, dish washing, and counter and cafeteria service) make up most of the lower part of the list, all paying at or below about $20,000 annually. Also at the bottom of the list: shampooers, earning an average of $9.09 per hour, or $18,910 annually, as well as theater ushers, amusement park attendants, and farmworkers.

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How to Succeed Without Being a Workaholic

Hard work is essential to career success. However, it’s easy to take it too far. This article from Forbes shares Twitter cofounder Isaac “Biz” Stone’s experience of learning to succeed without becoming a workaholic.

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May is National Women’s Health Month. Since we tend to spend at least half of our waking hours at work, our job and the environment we work in can have a huge impact on our health. Emotional support is one way in which workers can help each other. This article talks about how women can support each other the workplace by talking about their mistakes instead of trying to hide them.