Ever wonder how your salary stacks up compared to other professions?

Anesthesiologist, with an average annual salary of $235,070, tops this year’s list. The rest of the Top-10 slots are occupied primarily by general and specialized physicians. Surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, OB/GYNs, and orthodontists are among the top 5 with salaries of $200,000 and up. Chief executive is in 10th place with an average annual salary of $178,400.

The worst-paying job in America is fast food cook, earning $9.07 hourly,which comes out to about $18,870 for those employed full-time, year-round.

In general, restaurant and food-service industry jobs (preparation, dish washing, and counter and cafeteria service) make up most of the lower part of the list, all paying at or below about $20,000 annually. Also at the bottom of the list: shampooers, earning an average of $9.09 per hour, or $18,910 annually, as well as theater ushers, amusement park attendants, and farmworkers.

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