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Online School Graduates Its First Class

Last month, the Utah Online School, which teachers grades K-12, graduated its first class of high school seniors. There were six students honored at the ceremony, at which some of them were meeting for the first time. In her address to the graduates, director Laura Belnap commended their success navigating the challenges of online education and completing their studies. Students also shared their experiences, discussing the various ways in which being able to attend online courses helped them pursue their goals and set them on a path of continued success.

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Worst Jobs of 2014

Thinking of making a career change? When thinking about what field you might go into, here’s a helpful list from Forbes of the Worst Jobs of 2014. If you were thinking of becoming a lumberjack, you might want to rethink that one…

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What Not to Ask on a Job Interview

Recent grads may be excited about job interviews this summer. Whether you’re a entering the workforce for the first time or changing careers, acing your interview is key to landing the position you want. Though it’s important to have a few questions in mind, here’s a post from the folks at on few things NOT to ask on a job interview.

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Just for a Monday laugh: In this ad for, William Shatner—as Priceline’s Negotiator—delivers the first “online commencement speech for online universities” in this spot from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.

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