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Summer School Went Online This Year

In the past, high school students who failed classes  had to either wait until the following year to repeat the course or spend their summer in the classroom. More and more schools have begun offering online for-credit classes over the summer so students can fit learning into their summer more easily,  even giving them the flexibility to take laptops and study materials with them if they travel with their families or use their lunch break to catch up on school at their summer job. This article talks about a new program for high school students in Canada.

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Whether you’re preparing to move to a campus or simply stocking up on basic supplies for your semester of online coursework, back-t0-school shopping can be overwhelming—not to mention expensive. As more and more people go online for their shopping needs, Target has introduced an online gift registry students can create for their needs, from bedding to 3-ring binders. It works similarly to a wedding or baby shower registry, allowing users to create, oversee and share their gift wish list on with friends and family.

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taco-bellTaco Bell has become the latest restaurant chain to make headlines in the education world by launching programs to help its employees—and customers—finish high school. A combination of community involvement and virtual learning environment is being used to enhance the education. In addition to visiting schools, Taco Bell piloted an online program in early 2014 through which about 100 employees are working to complete high school or earn their GED. They are also testing a program to help workers earn college credit through training modules completed as part of their job. Celebrities such as actor/author Tyrese Gibson, football star Reggie Bush, pop singer Megan Nicole and band members from Young the Giant have even been getting involved to spread the notion that education opens doors to the future.

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This cool infographic from PC Magazine details the profile of an online college student.


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