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How to Stay Sane While Getting an Online Degree

Online education offers freedom to work flexible hours from virtually anywhere, but it also comes with many challenges. This article offers some great tips for staying sane while you complete your online degree.


The third Monday of every February is set aside to commemorate the first US President, George Washington. Somewhere along the line, Abraham Lincoln was added to the celebration. Enjoy this infographic about these two presidents and the history of Presidents Day throughout the years.


Will College Become a Mix Tape?

A recent article in the Atlantic explored the question “Will higher education go the way of of music albums and cable TV? Is it inevitable that the Internet will break apart degrees and colleges?” While some argue that this “unbundling” is a natural step, writer Derek Newton remains unconvinced.


No More Snow Days

This time of year, it’s all too common to have to reschedule obligations due to weather conditions like snow. One of the benefits of online education is not having to worry about getting to campus in the middle of a snowstorm. You can stay safe and warm and dry, working from wherever you happen to be without the hassle of fitting make-up classes into your schedule.

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