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9 Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

For many people, one of the most intimidating part of any job interview is the inevitable, “So, do you have any questions for me?” Rather than stare blankly for a moment before saying, “No,” consider one of these relevant questions recently posted on Career Girl Daily to help you get more information about the position and leave a good impression.

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Don’t make these interview mistakes

So you landed the big interview—congrats. Before you go,  make sure not to make one of these five common mistakes from Monster that put even the most qualified applicants on the “do not call” list. And yes, a thank you note is mandatory.



How to Network at Holiday Parties

Come mid-December, most of us are in the full holiday swing. Holiday parties, whether you love them or hate them, are a great networking opportunity, whether you’re seeking a new job, are thinking of embarking on a new career path, or simply want to meet new people. This post from Monster offers some helpful tips for networking at holiday gatherings.

Sick a lot? It could be your boss.

As we enter cold and flu season, staying healthy is something a lot of us are thinking about. We’re quick to cite tight quarters or a fickle office heating system for our symptoms, but unfortunately, stress—especially work-related stress—can work against the best of plans to stay well. One surprising cause of illness? Your boss! In this article, author Amy Rees Anderson talks about a study showing that people with bad bosses and managers were more likely to experience troubling physical symptoms of stress and to suffer from conditions like coronary heart disease. The article also offers a list of signs your boss may be a “bad” boss, such as:

  • They don’t communicate a clear vision for the future
  • They lack enthusiasm and passion for the work the company is doing
  • They pick and choose who they will value rather than valuing the team as a whole
  • The fail to communicate clear expectations

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Worst Jobs of 2014

Thinking of making a career change? When thinking about what field you might go into, here’s a helpful list from Forbes of the Worst Jobs of 2014. If you were thinking of becoming a lumberjack, you might want to rethink that one…

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Best and Worst-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Ever wonder how your salary stacks up compared to other professions?

Anesthesiologist, with an average annual salary of $235,070, tops this year’s list. The rest of the Top-10 slots are occupied primarily by general and specialized physicians. Surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, OB/GYNs, and orthodontists are among the top 5 with salaries of $200,000 and up. Chief executive is in 10th place with an average annual salary of $178,400.

The worst-paying job in America is fast food cook, earning $9.07 hourly,which comes out to about $18,870 for those employed full-time, year-round.

In general, restaurant and food-service industry jobs (preparation, dish washing, and counter and cafeteria service) make up most of the lower part of the list, all paying at or below about $20,000 annually. Also at the bottom of the list: shampooers, earning an average of $9.09 per hour, or $18,910 annually, as well as theater ushers, amusement park attendants, and farmworkers.

You can read more here.

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How do you measure career success?

We often talk about wanting to achieve success, but we’re more likely to feel successful if we have ways in which to measure it. As this article the explains, there are different ways to measure our career development and success to help build a strong foundation and enjoy a fulfilling work life.


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If you read the news about job outlook for Millennials (those born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s), things can sound pretty bleak. Forbes magazine recently published 10 steps Millenials can take to better prepare themselves for the job market.

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Online Courses Help High School Students Excel

Online learning for high school students continues to grow in popularity. This article shares a few stories about how the opportunity to take more career-focused courses online encouraged high schoolers who otherwise would have dropped out excel after deciding to give education another shot.

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Happy New Year

From all of us at the College of Westchester—Happy New Year!

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