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Who Takes Online Courses?

When Massive Open Online Courses appeared on the scene a few years ago, many educators speculated about the types of students most likely to enroll and complete these online learning programs. A recent report, “HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses,” looked at data from July 2012 through September 2014 to give some insight into the different types of students taking these courses. This article highlights some of the findings.

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Helping Online Students Succeed

Pursuing an online education comes with a unique set of challenges. A recent survey by Eduventures, Inc. of 28,000 students highlighted several important factors that impact academic performance. As this article from ecampus explains, Eduventures came up with three specific guidelines to help online students succeed:

1. Align online courses with objective design standards to improve performance

2. Launch a pre- and post-design quality assurance process to ensure objectives and expectations inform every aspect of the student experience

3. Optimize the use of a learning management system to enhance the student experience


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How Job Interviews are like Dating

With graduation season in full swing, scores of recent grads are entering the job market, whether for the first time or with an advanced degree. The experience can be at once daunting, exciting, and rife with horror stories. This article, which originally appeared in Forbes, looks at how the job search process is a lot like dating, and offers tips for making a good first impression, reading nonverbal cues, and remaining optimistic.

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Online Options for Students with Kids

Online courses and other technology has made a college education more accessible to more people. Students with children, who previously had few options, find these kinds of options especially helpful. This Huffington Post piece shares some of the ways parents can still pursue higher education.

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Spring Ahead with Higher Education!

Now that spring has officially sprung (at least according to the calendar), it’s a great time to think ahead to what you want to accomplish in the coming season—and beyond.

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Interview Tip

Want to ace your next job interview? You might want to try using the word “we” to show your potential employer that you’re a team player. This Fortune article explains how this little tweak can make a big difference.

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HISTORY Channel Launches Online Course

A& E’s HISTORY Network has launched an online for-credit course in conjunction with Oklahoma University. HISTORY® Channel’s United States, 1865 to the Presentcourse enrollment launched October 28 at History online. The online, interactive 16-class course will be taught by Steve Gillon, an award-winning OU professor and renowned historian and utilizes video lectures with readings, quizzes, discussions and essays. The class begins January 12, 2015.

Cultivating Quality in Online Education

As online education as the Future is now the present, educators seek to create high-quality courses in a technical landscape in which some trial and error is still par for the course in providing the best student experience. This thought-provoking piece from NPR explores the different ways in which that elusive “quality” factor comes into play in the development and implementation of online classes.

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Online College Counseling Works

Whether you’re planning to attend a brick and mortar college of get your degree online, a college counselor can help guide you through the admissions process. This piece from the Huffington Post shows how online coaching with a counselor can help you get into the program of your choice.

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Online School Graduates Its First Class

Last month, the Utah Online School, which teachers grades K-12, graduated its first class of high school seniors. There were six students honored at the ceremony, at which some of them were meeting for the first time. In her address to the graduates, director Laura Belnap commended their success navigating the challenges of online education and completing their studies. Students also shared their experiences, discussing the various ways in which being able to attend online courses helped them pursue their goals and set them on a path of continued success.

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