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Chrysler to Offer Tuition Reimbursement

First Starbucks expanded its online degree program, and then Chrysler announced several weeks ago that it would cover dealership workers’ online college education. This program was formed in partnership with Strayer University and will benefit workers at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat dealerships all over the United States.

Al Gardner, the Chrysler brand’s chief executive, said, “Our goal is to position our dealer network as the ‘employers of choice’… Our collaboration with Strayer demonstrates our focus on building our dealers’ hard-working employees’ skill sets to help them perform at an optimal level while also investing in their long-term success.”


More companies have begun to offer perks such as tuition reimbursement to attract employees and hang on to the ones they have. Starbucks recently announced it will increase tuition coverage for online degrees from 2 years to 4, and McDonald’s plans to expand its tuition assistance program. This article talks more about these education-related incentives companies are offering to employees.

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How to Format Your Resume

The content of your resume—job experience, education, achievements—is important, but the appearance of the actual document also says a lot about you as a candidate. This infographic offers some tips on how to format your resume.

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Happy New Year from the College of Westchester

From all of us here at the College of Westchester, we hope you have a happy and healthy 2015!

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Happy New Year!

nursing professor assigned to one of UT Arlington’s first online master’s degree courses, Ronda Mintz-BinderRead more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-05-online-students-stress.html#jCp

nursing professor assigned to one of UT Arlington’s first online master’s degree courses, Ronda Mintz-BinderRead more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-05-online-students-stress.html#jCp

Nursing professor Ronda Mintz-Binder, who teaches an online graduate course for UT Arlington, is conducting a research study on online students’ levels of stress and their sense of belonging. This study will hopefully offer insight into how professors can best motivate online students to help them commit to and excel in the courses they register for. You can read more about her study here.


Tips for Succeeding in Online Courses

Online classes offer many benefits—the flexible format, for one, allows students to fit higher education into their busier lives. However, like any kind of class, there are some ways to enhance the experience and performance. This post from Money Talks shares some simple strategies for succeeding in online courses.

Even though we’ve only just sprung ahead into Daylight Savings Time, it’s not too early to start thinking ahead to summer and fall courses. Visit the College of Westchester online to explore our educational programs.

With the increased availability of online courses, student veterans have more options than ever when it comes to obtaining or finishing their college education. On February 4th , The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released the GI Bill comparison tool online, which is intended to help student veterans research benefits they may receive from different colleges. As discussed in a post on the VA blog, information about the number of students receiving VA education benefits at a particular school will also be available.


Want to get ahead? Get some sleep!

‘Tis the season (already) of cold and flu and the post-Halloween, pre-Holiday Season craze. Balancing all those demands (plus colder weather) with school can make it tempting to pull all-nighters or cut back on sleep. Don’t! Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system, making you more likely to catch whatever bug is going around. Also important, skimping on shut-eye can impact academic performance. Making sleep a priority can give you the energy to tackle your to-do list and do well in school.

For tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, visit the National Sleep Foundation online.

Pay it forward – Refer someone to CW

What are referrals?  Have you eCW Commencement 2013ver given a referral?  Did you ever walk out of a restaurant, doctor’s office, or a movie, and later recount the great experience you had?  If you are an animal lover, do you love your vet?  Do you tell others?  When someone loves your haircut (gals), do we talk about our salon?  How about the last great round of golf, or vacation, or sporting event, and where we went?

The answer to the rhetorical question is yes, of course we give referrals!  If you have ever attended CW’s commencement or another graduation ceremony, and most of us do at some point, whether it is our graduation or that of a family member or friend,  it is hard not to be caught up in the enthusiasm of our graduates.  As grads walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, families and friends laugh, cry, hoot and holler – we are all so happy!  Last May 30, the date of our 97th Commencement ceremony seems so long ago.  But it is never too late to share the pride, the great experience, of how colleges touch student’s lives by guiding them, supporting them, sometimes reminding them and dragging them toward that milestone of a college degree, a professional future.  A college is one of the most meaningful experiences in an individual’s life, professionally and personally.

Pay it forward.  If you know a friend, family member or colleague who could benefit from a CW education, do it now.  Contact them, accompany them, encourage them to continue their education at CW.  Just think about how great you will feel when they graduate!  They can be in touch with Matt Curtis, our director of admissions at 914-831-0318, admissions@cw.edu.

Is your resume summer-ready?

Regardless of what stage of your career you are in, it never hurts to perfect your resume and make sure you have all the critical elements. Here are 5 tips from the folks at Monster to get yours in tip-top shape. The College of Westchester also offers individualized career counseling to help you find success.