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Most-Asked Interview Questions

Summer is a great time to polish your resume and brush up on your interview skills. To help you up your game, check out this infographic, which shares some of the most commonly asked job interview questions.


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9 Questions to Ask on a Job Interview

For many people, one of the most intimidating part of any job interview is the inevitable, “So, do you have any questions for me?” Rather than stare blankly for a moment before saying, “No,” consider one of these relevant questions recently posted on Career Girl Daily to help you get more information about the position and leave a good impression.

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Don’t make these interview mistakes

So you landed the big interview—congrats. Before you go,  make sure not to make one of these five common mistakes from Monster that put even the most qualified applicants on the “do not call” list. And yes, a thank you note is mandatory.



Interview Tip

Want to ace your next job interview? You might want to try using the word “we” to show your potential employer that you’re a team player. This Fortune article explains how this little tweak can make a big difference.

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What Not to Ask on a Job Interview

Recent grads may be excited about job interviews this summer. Whether you’re a entering the workforce for the first time or changing careers, acing your interview is key to landing the position you want. Though it’s important to have a few questions in mind, here’s a post from the folks at Monster.com on few things NOT to ask on a job interview.

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How to make an interviewer hate you…

Have you ever had an interview that went so badly, you kind of wondered if your interviewer might have hated you? This article from the folks at Monster gives a few reasons why.