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How Job Seekers Get in their Own Way

On of the key factors in having a successful career is to overcome barriers. Looking at variables around ourselves is one thing ,but job-seekers may actually create barriers for themselves, whether that relates to beliefs about what types of jobs will be a good fit for them or thinking certain traits are a drawback rather than an asset. This article explores some obstacles job-seekers may put in their own way and offers suggestions for avoiding those pitfalls.

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Most-Asked Interview Questions

Summer is a great time to polish your resume and brush up on your interview skills. To help you up your game, check out this infographic, which shares some of the most commonly asked job interview questions.


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How Job Interviews are like Dating

With graduation season in full swing, scores of recent grads are entering the job market, whether for the first time or with an advanced degree. The experience can be at once daunting, exciting, and rife with horror stories. This article, which originally appeared in Forbes, looks at how the job search process is a lot like dating, and offers tips for making a good first impression, reading nonverbal cues, and remaining optimistic.

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Tips to Beat Writer’s Block

Whether crafting an email to a colleague, poss, or potential employer, working on an article, or writing assignment for class, writer’s block can make written communication feel like pulling teeth. This helpful article from Thought Catalog shares a few tips for dealing with writer’s block and getting what you need to say down in the way you want to say it.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

How to Format Your Resume

The content of your resume—job experience, education, achievements—is important, but the appearance of the actual document also says a lot about you as a candidate. This infographic offers some tips on how to format your resume.

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From JobCluster

Don’t make these interview mistakes

So you landed the big interview—congrats. Before you go,  make sure not to make one of these five common mistakes from Monster that put even the most qualified applicants on the “do not call” list. And yes, a thank you note is mandatory.



Interview Tip

Want to ace your next job interview? You might want to try using the word “we” to show your potential employer that you’re a team player. This Fortune article explains how this little tweak can make a big difference.

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Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals

Recently, the folks at Monster.com shared this handy list of 6 Small Changes to Help You Reach More of Your Goals. Read more for tips on how to focus, break your goals down into manageable steps, and the change your self-talk to align you for success.

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When to take a break

The midst of the holiday season, when we’re all feeling a bit crazed, is not usually the time when we talk about taking a break. However, breaks are important—That can even include taking a breather from the job search! This article from Monster shares 3 signs it’s time to take a break from your job search.

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Rejoining the workforce after a break

There are times in life when things such as family, health, or education my prompt someone to step out of their job and take a break from the workforce. When they decide to reenter, there are many things to take into consideration, especially if it’s been several years.

As discussed in this article from the team at Monster.com, taking stock of and updating old skills, networking, and building confidence in your professional skills are all ways to get back on the workforce track.

Furthering your education through online coursework is another great option for boosting your resume and honing in on your strengths while developing new ones.

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