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How Job Seekers Get in their Own Way

On of the key factors in having a successful career is to overcome barriers. Looking at variables around ourselves is one thing ,but job-seekers may actually create barriers for themselves, whether that relates to beliefs about what types of jobs will be a good fit for them or thinking certain traits are a drawback rather than an asset. This article explores some obstacles job-seekers may put in their own way and offers suggestions for avoiding those pitfalls.

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How to Network at Holiday Parties

Come mid-December, most of us are in the full holiday swing. Holiday parties, whether you love them or hate them, are a great networking opportunity, whether you’re seeking a new job, are thinking of embarking on a new career path, or simply want to meet new people. This post from Monster offers some helpful tips for networking at holiday gatherings.

Picking and Sticking to Career Goals

With a new year around the corner, chances are you’re probably thinking about your 2014 resolutions. Do you have any career goals in mind? If you do, here are some helpful tips from the folks at Monster for picking and sticking to your career goals.

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Rejoining the workforce after a break

There are times in life when things such as family, health, or education my prompt someone to step out of their job and take a break from the workforce. When they decide to reenter, there are many things to take into consideration, especially if it’s been several years.

As discussed in this article from the team at Monster.com, taking stock of and updating old skills, networking, and building confidence in your professional skills are all ways to get back on the workforce track.

Furthering your education through online coursework is another great option for boosting your resume and honing in on your strengths while developing new ones.

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