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In recent years, Twitter has become a main form of communication, including in the field of education. A recent post on OnlineCollege.org offers up 33 Twitter Tips to Enhance Your Academic Research. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking ways to add to your arsenal of web-savvy learning skills.



Before you turn it in…

CW colleague Paul Gugliemella recently shared an ECampusNews piece about plagiarism among college students – worth a read. CW uses Turnitin,  a tool for students and faculty to check for plagiarism, syntax, spelling, grammar, and formatting.  It is a powerful resource which is available to staff and students though our LMS.  If you haven’t already tried it consider becoming familiar with Turnitin. The Turnitin company has amassed and regularly updates a huge catalog of materials that they run papers and student work against to detect potentially plagiarized student work. Many teachers and students have found it helpful. Visit Turnitin online to learn more!