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Who Takes Online Courses?

When Massive Open Online Courses appeared on the scene a few years ago, many educators speculated about the types of students most likely to enroll and complete these online learning programs. A recent report, “HarvardX and MITx: Two Years of Open Online Courses,” looked at data from July 2012 through September 2014 to give some insight into the different types of students taking these courses. This article highlights some of the findings.

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Helping Online Students Succeed

Pursuing an online education comes with a unique set of challenges. A recent survey by Eduventures, Inc. of 28,000 students highlighted several important factors that impact academic performance. As this article from ecampus explains, Eduventures came up with three specific guidelines to help online students succeed:

1. Align online courses with objective design standards to improve performance

2. Launch a pre- and post-design quality assurance process to ensure objectives and expectations inform every aspect of the student experience

3. Optimize the use of a learning management system to enhance the student experience


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Chrysler to Offer Tuition Reimbursement

First Starbucks expanded its online degree program, and then Chrysler announced several weeks ago that it would cover dealership workers’ online college education. This program was formed in partnership with Strayer University and will benefit workers at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and Fiat dealerships all over the United States.

Al Gardner, the Chrysler brand’s chief executive, said, “Our goal is to position our dealer network as the ‘employers of choice’… Our collaboration with Strayer demonstrates our focus on building our dealers’ hard-working employees’ skill sets to help them perform at an optimal level while also investing in their long-term success.”

More companies have begun to offer perks such as tuition reimbursement to attract employees and hang on to the ones they have. Starbucks recently announced it will increase tuition coverage for online degrees from 2 years to 4, and McDonald’s plans to expand its tuition assistance program. This article talks more about these education-related incentives companies are offering to employees.

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How to Stay Sane While Getting an Online Degree

Online education offers freedom to work flexible hours from virtually anywhere, but it also comes with many challenges. This article offers some great tips for staying sane while you complete your online degree.

Will College Become a Mix Tape?

A recent article in the Atlantic explored the question “Will higher education go the way of of music albums and cable TV? Is it inevitable that the Internet will break apart degrees and colleges?” While some argue that this “unbundling” is a natural step, writer Derek Newton remains unconvinced.


Rules for Working from Home

Online education, like telecommuting to work, can boost productivity and allow for a more flexible schedule. However, it can be easy to become side-tracked or to struggle with feeling isolated. These 5 Rules for Working from Home from Real Simple can help you strike a good balance.

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How to Choose a Computer

Students taking online courses may spend a lot of time on the computer. If you’re looking to buy a computer, evaluating your needs and taking the time to consider what features are most important to you can help you choose the best machine for you. This helpful guide is just one of many resources to help you along the way.

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Because so much of the interaction between instructors and students in online education is virtual, it’s possible they may never see what the other looks like. A recent study suggests that students’ perception of an instructor’s gender, however, may influence the evaluation they give at the end of the course. The original paper, “What’s in a Name: Exposing Gender Bias in Student Ratings of Teaching,” was published online Dec. 5 in the journal Innovative Higher Education. The researchers plan to do additional studies.

Video Game Helps Students Get Into College

Applying to college is a process that involves a lot of deadlines and to-do-lists. For students who need help remembering what to submit when, there’s a video game called “Mission Admission” that uses “competitive but lighthearted tasks” to make them familiar with exams, essays, financial aid forms, and application deadlines. Early research shows that the program, developed by USC technology and education professors through a US Department of Education grant, improved knowledge of the college application and aid process.

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