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Summer School Went Online This Year

In the past, high school students who failed classes  had to either wait until the following year to repeat the course or spend their summer in the classroom. More and more schools have begun offering online for-credit classes over the summer so students can fit learning into their summer more easily,  even giving them the flexibility to take laptops and study materials with them if they travel with their families or use their lunch break to catch up on school at their summer job. This article talks about a new program for high school students in Canada.

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nursing professor assigned to one of UT Arlington’s first online master’s degree courses, Ronda Mintz-BinderRead more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-05-online-students-stress.html#jCp

nursing professor assigned to one of UT Arlington’s first online master’s degree courses, Ronda Mintz-BinderRead more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-05-online-students-stress.html#jCp

Nursing professor Ronda Mintz-Binder, who teaches an online graduate course for UT Arlington, is conducting a research study on online students’ levels of stress and their sense of belonging. This study will hopefully offer insight into how professors can best motivate online students to help them commit to and excel in the courses they register for. You can read more about her study here.


Saving for College

Whether you choose a brick-and-mortar in-the-classroom experience or an online college education, it’s important to have a financial plan. Parents and students alike should set goals and expectations and know which steps they will need to take to make it work. This piece from the CNN shares some helpful tips.

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TED Talks on Education

As the popularity and prevalence of online courses increase, we are constantly learning and shifting our viewpoints on education in general. Below are several TED talks on education that will spark your brain. Try one of these instead of Facebook on your next procrastination break!

Anat Agarwal: Why massive open online courses (still) matter

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to sucess? Grit!

Stuart Firestein: The pursuit of Ignorance

Jack Choi: On the virtual dissection table

Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

Bonus: This TED Playlist features several videos on Re-Imagining School.

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Build A Support Team for College

Regardless of your age, going back to school is a major life change. Something that’s easy to overlook is the fact that it’s hard to go it alone. This blog post discusses how to build a support team for yourself by identifying your goals and needs and working with family, friends, and your school to help you get the most out of your education experience.

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With the increased availability of online courses, student veterans have more options than ever when it comes to obtaining or finishing their college education. On February 4th , The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released the GI Bill comparison tool online, which is intended to help student veterans research benefits they may receive from different colleges. As discussed in a post on the VA blog, information about the number of students receiving VA education benefits at a particular school will also be available.


Leadership Traits

Whether you’re just getting started in your career or looking to further your skills, leadership skills are an important part of becoming a strong worker. This article from foodservice company Sodexo, highlights four key leadership traits you can develop now:

  • Serve as a Role Model
  • Listen and Communicate Effectively
  • Have a Postive Attitude
  • Keep Trying New Things

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Happy Halloween from the College of Westchester!

One great thing about an online education is having the flexibility to get your work done and take your family trick-or-treating too!

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Forgoing dorms, campus may cut college costs

Late August into early September is that time of year when you see your bank account dry up as you fork over that fall semester tuition check. In hard economic times, the sting is especially painful for many households.  As detailed in this Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article, more parents are attempting to control costs by suggesting their kids live at home or even skip traditional brick-and-mortal colleges in favor of online programs. A new study from Fidelity shows that 54% of parents expect their kids to take online courses for credit.

Of course, there are many pros and cons to weigh, such as how self-directed the student can be to succeed in online coursework or even whether it really is cheaper to take courses online. Other resources such as the opportunity to do internships may factor in as well.

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Apps for Online College Students

Seems there’s an app for everything today. For the most part, that’s a great thing! Here are some awesome apps for online college students.