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When to Pick up the Phone

Though email tends to be the default form of communication for many of us at work or school, it’s important not to overlook when a phone call, instant message, or handwritten note would be more appropriate to the situation. This article details how to determine what mode of communication to use in a variety of situations.

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Online Options for Students with Kids

Online courses and other technology has made a college education more accessible to more people. Students with children, who previously had few options, find these kinds of options especially helpful. This Huffington Post piece shares some of the ways parents can still pursue higher education.

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Tips to Beat Writer’s Block

Whether crafting an email to a colleague, poss, or potential employer, working on an article, or writing assignment for class, writer’s block can make written communication feel like pulling teeth. This helpful article from Thought Catalog shares a few tips for dealing with writer’s block and getting what you need to say down in the way you want to say it.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

6 Key Email Etiquette Rules

From job applications to virtual classroom communications to social interactions, email is an important part of daily functioning. To come across well and effectively connect with others, you need to keep certain basic rules in mind. This recent post on email etiquette from Career Girl Daily shares 6 must-knows you should commit to memory.

Here’s a fun infographic on the history of email.


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How to Choose a Computer

Students taking online courses may spend a lot of time on the computer. If you’re looking to buy a computer, evaluating your needs and taking the time to consider what features are most important to you can help you choose the best machine for you. This helpful guide is just one of many resources to help you along the way.

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PC Mag names 100 Best iPad Apps for 2015

With education going increasingly digital, more students are relying on apps on their tablets like iPads to help them stay organized and get their work done. PC Mag recently listed the 100 best iPad apps for 2015. Lots of them are great for helping you stay on top of deadlines and be productive from practically anywhere!

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Video Game Helps Students Get Into College

Applying to college is a process that involves a lot of deadlines and to-do-lists. For students who need help remembering what to submit when, there’s a video game called “Mission Admission” that uses “competitive but lighthearted tasks” to make them familiar with exams, essays, financial aid forms, and application deadlines. Early research shows that the program, developed by USC technology and education professors through a US Department of Education grant, improved knowledge of the college application and aid process.

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HISTORY Channel Launches Online Course

A& E’s HISTORY Network has launched an online for-credit course in conjunction with Oklahoma University. HISTORY┬« Channel’s United States, 1865 to the Presentcourse enrollment launched October 28 at History online. The online, interactive 16-class course will be taught by Steve Gillon, an award-winning OU professor and renowned historian and utilizes video lectures with readings, quizzes, discussions and essays. The class begins January 12, 2015.

Sallie Mae Introduces Mobile App

To help students and families navigate the planning-for-college process, Sallie Mae recently unveiled a new smartphone app. College Ahead is available to download for free in the iTunes Apple store. It can operate in a number of languages and offers tips, strategies and tools for saving for college, financial planning, and applying for aid.

The Dangers of Multi-Tasking

Busy students often feel they have to multi-task to knock off all the items on their to-do list. Trying to do several things at one time may actually do more harm than good. This article explains how multi-tasking can even damage your brain and hurt your career. Yikes!