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What is a Hybrid Course?

Though the College of Westchester is in the process of a developing an entirely online program, it currently offers hybrid courses.  A hybrid course is a course that includes both the classroom experience and the online experience.  At the College of Westchester,  hybrid courses are half in the classroom and half online.  This means that students get the privilege of being able to meet their classmates and instructors face-to-face but are also able to more easily fit their coursework into their busy schedules. There are several benefits to the hybrid course.  For example, one hybrid course student answered in a survey that online discussions allow for the instructor to “provide excellent feedback,” and that having all of the class grades posted online made it easier for her to track her progress.  Alex, another CW student, said, “There is a professor in the classroom half of the time so students don’t feel like they have to teach themselves.”

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