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Rejoining the workforce after a break

There are times in life when things such as family, health, or education my prompt someone to step out of their job and take a break from the workforce. When they decide to reenter, there are many things to take into consideration, especially if it’s been several years.

As discussed in this article from the team at, taking stock of and updating old skills, networking, and building confidence in your professional skills are all ways to get back on the workforce track.

Furthering your education through online coursework is another great option for boosting your resume and honing in on your strengths while developing new ones.

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At last month’s Educause conference, game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal, spoke on the ways technology will create a learning environment “where you can learn anytime, anyplace, and it is full of play and collaboration.”

McGonigal is noted for her work using games to educational and problem-solving tools such as 2010’s Evoke, on which she teamed up with the World Bank.

She predicts that use of technology for educational purposes in which a student’s experience “can be so personalized, so spontaneous, and really connect students with real work and real social networks, and they can feel a part of what they are learning about and actually start to make creative contributions today while they are still in school.”

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Online Education for Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! The College of Westchester wishes to express its gratitude for all those who have served our country and continue to do os.

For veterans looking to establish themselves in a new career, online education can be a great way to further education while acclimating to civilian life.

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Want to get ahead? Get some sleep!

‘Tis the season (already) of cold and flu and the post-Halloween, pre-Holiday Season craze. Balancing all those demands (plus colder weather) with school can make it tempting to pull all-nighters or cut back on sleep. Don’t! Sleep deprivation weakens the immune system, making you more likely to catch whatever bug is going around. Also important, skimping on shut-eye can impact academic performance. Making sleep a priority can give you the energy to tackle your to-do list and do well in school.

For tips on how to get a good night’s sleep, visit the National Sleep Foundation online.