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To help students develop and achieve their goals, the College of Westchester provides a Success Coaching program. When the first online students started classes last September, 2011, the program began at the online division. As explained by Robert Weston, “the goal of the online success coach program at CW is to provide a consistent human presence for students enrolled in a virtual program, with an emphasis on students in their first year—especially in the first two terms.”

What makes the online service different than the day, evening and Saturday college success coaching experience is that success coaches work with online college students to provide basic guidance counseling and connect students with internal and external resources to assist them with academic, technical, and personal issues.

Job duties of the success coach include, but are not limited to:
– Maintain regular contact with each student, with an emphasis on weekly contact during the first term.
– Monitor leading indicators that have a relationship to student success.
– Work proactively with students who exhibit leading indicators of problematic activity.
– Proactively contact students who will be dealing with novel technologies, especially when doing so in high-stakes contexts or under tight time constraints.
– Maintain a vigorous communication circle with faculty, online production and testing, and advisors, to ensure student needs are met.


Success Coaching is just one of the many services offered to enhance students’ learning experience. Visit CW online to learn more.


A online education becomes an increasingly popular option for college students across the country, younger students are trending towards online classes as well. Even though NY state lags behind In offering these options for it’s students, some select online courses are now being offered, mostly through BOCES centers across the state.

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Earlier this spring, the College of Westchester Charitable Foundation held its 4th Annual Fundraising Event at C.V. Rich Mansion in White Plains, NY. With  Scott Cohn, CNBC Senior Correspondent emceeing the event and former White Plains Mayor, Joseph Delfino on hand to present the White Plains High School Scholarship, it was a huge success. This year’s event brought in over $64,000, a 45% increase from last year!

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Online education is becoming an option across the US not just for college aged students, but for younger students as well. Even though NY state lags behind In offering these options for it’s students, some select online courses are now being offered, mostly through BOCES centers across the state.  This link shares a story about the benefits of online classes in the state of Indiana.

Technology has undeniably had a big impact on the way students learn today, but new research shows it may also be affecting the way brains of children born since the 1980’s are wired different than their older counterparts.

According to Dagmar Ladle, a teaching and learning consultant with Promethean Inc., which produces learning devices called Promethean boards, there’s a “measurable, structural difference between the brains of those born before and after 1980.” They add that methods that worked when the pre-1980 crowd was in school are not as effective with the post-1980 student. “Our students’ brains actually have evolved,” Ladle said. “Students that are struggling, it fills in a gap. It gets them interested.”

You can read more in this article from the Herald & Review from Decatur, Macon County and Central Illinois:

Technology changes classroom: Conference notes kids’ brains are wired differently